Nostradamus the Movie

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Nostradamus the Movie

By Adoni Films

Narrated by SOLLOG

Released Date 2004

IMDB Page – 10 Stars



The greatest modern Seer SOLLOG, Narrates this cult classic about the Prophecies of Nostradamus.

SOLLOG brings the greatest academic understanding of the work of Nostradamus to prove the famous Seer clearly predicted modern events like 911, the TWA 800 explosiong and the deaths of Princess Diana and JFK Jr.

SOLLOG is famous for his own prophecies and has one of the busiest websites in the world.

Sollog predicted the great plague of 2020 in his own books.

He predicted the date of the Fukushima Disaster and the great 2004 Tsunami.

You will be amazed by this film.

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2 reviews for Nostradamus the Movie

  1. admin

    The greatest film ever on Nostradamus by Sollog the Great

  2. Indies

    Sollog the Great a modern seer, narrates this cult classic. A must see.

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