Roswell the Proof

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Roswell the Proof

By Adoni Films

Narrated by SOLLOG

Released Date 2015

IMDB Page – 10 Stars


What if modern technology could remove the redacted black from FOIA documents on UFOS from the 1970’s?

Well that’s what was done by author D.E. Alexander who wrote the book about what the found.

It is PROOF that there was a UFO Crash in the 1940’s in Roswell New Mexico and there were small grey alien bodies.

New names in the Roswell coverup appear in this amazing work that blew the lid off Roswell and the 70 year old conspiracy to hid the fact Grey Aliens crashed a UFO in the New Mexico desert.

Perhaps the greatest film in UFO history since it proves UFOS are Real and Roswell really happened.






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1 review for Roswell the Proof

  1. Indies

    Absolute Proof that the Roswell Crash happened and the US Government covered it up for 70 years. AMAZING must watch.

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